1. Can we be more effective?

  2. How much more effective can we be and what is the expected ROI?

  3. What will it take to accomplish that? How long will it take to accomplish that?

  4. How Does Sales Leadership Impact Our Sales Force?

  5. Do We Have the Right People in the Right Roles?

  6. What Are Our Current Sales Capabilities?

  7. How Motivated Are Our Salespeople and How Are They Motivated?

  8. Why Aren't We Generating More New Business?

  9. Are We Reaching the Actual Decision Makers?

  10. Why Isn't Our Sales Cycle Shorter?

  11. Are We Selling Consultatively?

  12. Are We Selling on Price?

  13. Who Can Become a Value Seller?

  14. Is Our Value Proposition Consistent?

  15. Can We Close More Sales?

  16. Are We Being Consistent with Our Sales Process?

  17. How Well Are Our Sales Leadership Strategies Aligned?

  18. Do We Need to Change Our Selection Criteria?

  19. Is Our Ramp-Up of New Salespeople Fast Enough?

  20. Can We Improve Our Pipeline and Forecasting Accuracy?

  21. How Much More Effective Can Our People Be?

  22. What Are the Short-term Priorities for Accelerated Growth?



If you’ve followed us for very long you know that we are and have been proud Certified OMG Partners for the past 24 years. We live, die, breathe, eat and sleep by the SCIENCE OF OMG’S SALES ANALYSIS AND CANDIDATE ASESSMENT TOOLS. Our business is based around its core findings. As an award-winning partner and partner coach I’m going to unpack and stack the science to give you answers to questions you need to know in order to grow your business and build a world class sales team.

Let’s start with the assumption that you desire to build a world class, gold plated, no fault sales team. Of course, that is a lofty goal but isn’t that want helped the USA Olympic Hockey team win Gold in the 1980 games. This was such a great accomplishment they made a movie out of it. Check out this short clip about Lofty Goals. Even if your goal is not that lofty but, you have been frustrated because you’re not growing as fast as you like you still need to know the answers to these questions to grow.

The first thing Presidents and CEO’s and Sales Leaders want to know is: Can we be more effective?

Based on unique and proprietary formulas that includes but is not limited to the current team’s previous year’s production, the current strengths, weaknesses, skills, and challenges, and don’t forget to include the hidden or invisible weaknesses that neutralize the skills, we can arrive at an expected ROI over a specific time frame. In other words, we must first calculate how much potential each person on the team has and how to realize that potential. Make no mistake we are not looking at history. We are defining potential based on 21 Sales Specific Core Competencies, with each having 8-12 attributes. Click on this link Free Trial Sales Force Analysis if you’d like to see how your sales team compares to a World Class Sales 21 Core Competencies.

We’d also like to invite you to our upcoming webinar. Click here for details.

Stay tuned for our next article: How much more effective can we be and what is the expected ROI? 

Good Selling, 

Rocky LaGrone
Sales Development Expert - CEO




What does it take to build a world class sales team? This question will be answered in the upcoming series by answering the following twenty-two more specific questions. That’s right TWENTY-TWO questions to tell you how to grow your business 30-50% or more.